My Story

My Journey Began in 2010

When I relocated to the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2010, I was broken. Overweight, depressed, defeated, and addicted to the prescriptions that were supposed to help my anxiety and chronic back pain. I was making a last ditch effort at changing my life, and dragging my eleven year old daughter along for the ride. Her Dad, my ex, had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from heart disease late in 2008, and his loss threw both of us into a tailspin. We came to the Mountains searching for a fresh start, and hoping to heal.

We bought a foreclosure that needed a major overhaul, and proceeded to transform it into something we could call “home”. The first thing I did was refill all of those prescriptions that I had been surviving on: Soma, a muscle relaxer, Ativan for anxiety, and Vicodin for the pain associated with my degenerating spine and osteo-arthritis.

I was 39 years old, and heading rapidly towards an unintentional overdose. I woke up one morning and realized that I could not have a successful new start with all of this old baggage. I vowed to make a change and sought out a local medical professional to help me. I told him my story, still convinced that there was something horrible wrong with my back. I had been experiencing debilitating pain since an injury in 2002, and had been told it would only continue to degenerate.

I credit this man with saving my life

Here I am on my way in 2015

I told him I wanted to stop taking meds, and work on rebuilding my muscles. He said that he could either send me to physical therapy, or I could get outside and do my own. I chose option two, and on what would have been my ex’s forty-sixth birthday, I huffed and puffed my way to the top of a very modest mountain with some fabulous views and wild, ripe blueberries.

Along with exercise, I also began to clean up my diet. I had spent the majority of my life, like many Americans, enjoying the conveniences of our modern society, never realizing the “food” that was coming through my car window was contributing to my health issues.

Over the past seven years, I have worked to eliminate processed foods, soda, toxic oils, and pesticide tainted produce. We now have a small flock of hens that provide us with beautiful, fresh eggs every day. We grow much of our own produce, and we get the rest locally when in season.

Now I am fully awake, and it is glorious! 2017

It has been a long journey, and not always easy, but so very worth it! I have lost excess weight, eliminated inflammation, and hiked away my depression. Regular yoga practice and meditation round out my self-care routine. At forty-six, I am in the best shape of my life, and spiritually at peace. It feels like I had been living half of a life, hoarding my secrets and baggage, all the while, presenting a public image of someone that “had it all together”..

Now I am fully awake, and it is glorious!

I am the attentive Mom that my daughter deserves, and now has. I am the friend that is sought out when a quiet ear or shoulder to cry on is called for. I am the partner that my loving life-mate says he was searching for. I am the daughter that will be there for her aging parents.
Along the way, I have learned so much about how what we put into our bodies affects our health, on all levels.

My Mission?

I want everyone to feel as good as I do! My heart breaks for people battling depression, PTSD, addiction, chronic illness, and debilitating disease. Many of our modern health issues have been brought on by our own misguided choices. We fail to recognize that the food we are fueling our bodies with is slowly killing us.
We are told by our health professionals that all we need to do is take this pill to cure us. But it doesn’t work! Modern medicine does not “cure” disease, it treats symptoms. Many of these symptoms will go away when the underlying cause is addressed. Much of it can be healed with positive diet and lifestyle changes.
Eliminating foods that trigger inflammation and allergic response is the first step to restoring optimal health. Layering in gentle exercise, and time to just “be”, is the second step. There are many more steps along the way, as it is a long journey to wholeness, but I promise, it is worth it! You are worth it!
Thank you for taking the time to read my story! If you would like some help rewriting your own story, get in touch through my contact page to start on your own healthy journey!

In Health and Happiness – Rene

I am here to help – I am here to make a difference! Join Me…