Offerings for Pure Food:

Nutritional Consultation – $200
Includes comprehensive health and nutrition history, food journal review, goal setting, meal plans and recipes utilizing Nutrient Dense Whole Foods. Initial 90 minute consult and 30 minute follow up to monitor progress 4-6 weeks later. Also includes unlimited e-mail support for 6 weeks.

Three month package – $300
Includes above items with a second follow up session at 10 weeks with unlimited e-mail support

Six months- let’s get healthy! – $500
This is the plan for you if you are ready to make a commitment and embark on your healthy journey !
Includes initial consult, and four follow up sessions, along with meal plans, recipes and unlimited e-mail support. This package also includes 15 minutes of phone or Skype support each month

Pantry Clean out & Makeover – starting at $150
This is a great way to get started on a whole foods program! We will spend 1-2 hours assessing your pantry and making recommendations for things that should go, and things that can stay. Also includes a one hour trip to the grocery store to learn how to shop smart, buy healthy foods, put together a weekly shopping list and maximize your grocery dollars.

Defeat the Sugar Monster 10 day De-tox! –  $150
This 10 day program is designed to help rid your body of unhealthy sugar and get you started on a healthier path. Includes food journal review, 10 day meal plan and unlimited e-mail support for the duration of the Detox.

Group Sessions and Corporate Wellness Starting at $150
(pricing is dependent on location and number of attendees)
Getting healthy is easier and more fun with friends! We will come to your home or location, talk about healthy digestion, what Whole Foods can do for you and the health of your families and sample some recipes that you can easily duplicate at home. Participants looking for more will be able to sign up for any of our programs at a 20% discount.

Walk & Talk $75 – (selected locations)
Curious about Pure Food and what it can do for you? Let’s get outside and talk about it! Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. We will get outside for an hour, and walk, hike, or snowshoe around our beautiful valley! Locations will be determined by fitness level, weather and desired activity. Write down some questions, and let’s go for a walk! You will leave feeling great, with new insight, and some healthy recipes to try at home. Group rates available

Basic Cooking Instruction $150
I will come to your home armed with Whole Foods and an array of spices to create some amazing food. This program can be tailored to meet specific dietary needs. We will talk about the importance of proper preparation, sourcing, and how to save $ at the grocery store, while making a healthy meal together. We will prepare enough food for a full dinner for two adults. Program can be modified to include choices for children and entire families. Pricing will vary, call for details.